Humanitarian Innovation Awards 2022
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The below form is to be used to express interest in and/or register for either of the Humanitarian Innovation Award Events. The Pitch or The Hackathon.


The 4th Annual Humanitarian Innovation Pitch is currently accepting national applications, with submissions OPEN until Monday 18 April 2022 (6am)! This is a national submissions contest designed for university students, at all Australian Universities, to develop innovative technological or engineering solutions that support human welfare through benevolent treatment or assistance to people for substantially altruistic reasons. Students are encouraged to select a real-world humanitarian problem and develop technology-driven solutions. 

Submissions are comprised of a short video encapsulating the essence of a student's idea, accompanied by a Poster.


Our Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon is a weekend-long virtual & on-site event designed for university students to work collaboratively in cross-discipline teams to create technology-driven solutions for the most pressing humanitarian challenges. Participants are asked to identify practical solutions for real and current problems from a current international humanitarian response context.

The HIA Hackathon runs from 22-24 July 2022. Participants are expected to be available for the entire duration of the event. Submitting your details in this form is not an official registration. You will be officially invited to participate at a later date.

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